Eileen Sutton

My Story



A novelist and short-story writer, I have a passion for documenting the vigorous collisions of race, class, loss, and love. I studied philosophy and English literature at UCLA, and hold a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from New York University where I was mentored by E.L. Doctorow. 

My first published short story Into The Wind appeared in The Mailer Review. My short story Dear Mr. Doctorow, 

which won the 2nd place Bechtel Prize, appeared in Teachers & Writers Magazine in March of 2017.

Spanning 80 years, my first novel, Paradise, is a Lower East Side family saga that speaks in tongues—English, Spanish, and Yiddish. It chronicles the unlikely friendship between two orphans, Jewish and Puerto Rican, separated in age by 60 years who give each other a reason to live. Breaking new ground in urban fiction, the spirit of the novel artfully merges the energy of Henry Roth and Junot Diaz. A memoir and second novel are in progress. 

A chapter from Paradise was a top-ten finalist in the Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Contest, and received an honorable mention from the New Millennium Writings' Fiction Competition. My story Into the Wind received an honorable mention from Glimmer Train's Short-Story Award for New Writers, while my story Dear Mr. Doctorow received an honorable mention from the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition (global). I received a teaching grant from Poets and Writers. Having started my writing life as a poet, I was a semi-finalist in the 1999 Nation/Discovery Poetry Contest. As a print journalist, my work has appeared The Village Voice. The Guardian (UK), The National Law Journal, and The Los Angeles Reader, among others.


An unrepentant humanist, I love to unearth in words the minute joys found in human communities everywhere. I staunchly protect access to the arts by leading free writing workshops for seniors in partnership with the New York Writers Coalition.


A magical accident, poker chose me later in life. A devoted grinder, I've trained with two world-class coaches. I study the game relentlessly, and commune with poker's Old West roots. 

My passion for the game is captured in my essay Poker For Girls, published on Salon.com. I also authored The Total Poker Manual for the publisher Weldon Owen—a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, illustrated text covering five variations.Through social media, I devote myself to women’s issues on the felt, and do what I can to help female grinders feel more comfortable. I blog for the training site Red Chip Poker, and I'm proud to have been a guest on the ThinkingPoker podcast, the Just Hands podcast, the Top Pair Home Game podcast, and the Red Chip Poker Podcast. An agented memoir about my poker life is in progress.

I was the editor of record for The Course by best-selling author Ed Miller, one of the country’s most prominent analysts. Leveraging 18 years in financial branding, I love to help poker brands tell their stories well. I enjoy coaching grinders early in their play, especially women.